The Political Cyborg

A collaboration with Carlos Martín Román and Hélène Trommelen. People are likely to continue to engage with technology in

see what was in your mind already

The colours of the keyboard keys are based on the weights in a neural network. This particular network has been trained to pre

fractal factory

What do I produce as an artist and what do I communicate with it? Production in a factory stands in stark contrast with the wa

we, the robots

We, the robots from Helena Frijns on Vimeo. A collaboration with Carlos Martín and Lucía Martín We, the robots is an i

Action Hero Alphabet

Action Hero Alphabet Enter text in the textbox below. Type! A GIF alphabet inspired on clichéd depictions of action heroines

flooding for geometry

1. the practical origins of mathematics can be found in social interactions 2. mathematics has developed from a practical tool


Graduation Festival, KABK, 2015 This is both an installation and a lab, exploring the contrast between our physical nature and


When a movie character begs “No, don’t turn the projector off!” the viewer realizes s/he is watching a movie

1697 arrows

Part of the exhibition Quote Me If I’m Wrong (2015). This work is based on the vector field representation of a differen

Wall Paintings


reason mind and emotion body are no separate entities, Suspended panel with videos projected on both sides,two beamers, two tr


Part of Go Back To Start: an exhibition in a number of different locations in and around the Boekhorststraat. For this exhibit