With language, be it spoken or written, mathematical or visual, we construct a world view: a mental representation of the world as we perceive it, a framework of beliefs. I am interested in the ways we construct and represent knowledge and in the way we think as humans, as it seems so vital to who we are.

Because our thoughts are embodied and situated, sculpture and installation are viable media to use, as they relate directly to the body. Using this visual language I react to other languages we use to describe our experiences and what we think we know. The representations of reality I respond to might be scientific visualizations, ways to communicate a narrative in film, or 3D models in animation software. My work takes the shape of installations comprising sculpture, wall paintings and videos.  Through using sculptural materials to represent signs and ways of presenting information, I intend to make their meaning less strict. Chance aspects enter the work because of the materials I choose, at times disrupting a clear communication of the original message.
By making physical installations I hope to invite the viewer to move around and create his or her own story. In some works, the movement of the viewer in between the elements of the work plays an important role in constructing the work itself.