The upper two photos and the left one on the second row are by Jhoeko.

For this work I took quotes from movies that break the illusion cinema usually creates. When a movie character says something like “No, don’t turn the projector off!” the viewer realizes he is watching a movie. However, when the quotes are used in an installation they actually remind the viewer of cinema and are intended to incite the illusion. The texts function as subtitles to the exhibition.
The reason I made this work was that I wanted to know how I could make sculpture that would remind of cinema without using moving image. If you interpret sculpture as the scenes of a movie, you realize that every time a visitor walks through an exhibition, they create their own movie of the event in their minds.

Material: polymethyl methacrylate, metal

Sources of the quotes:

“And none of those people is an extra. They’re all leads in their own stories.”
Quote taken from: Synecdoche, New York, 1:40:10 – 1:40:17
150 cm x 30 cm

“No! Don’t turn the projector off. No, no. It gets black and we disappear.”
Quote taken from: The Purple Rose of Caïro, 20:20-20:24
159 cm x 30 cm

“The real ones want their lives fiction and the fictional ones want their lives real.”
Quote taken from: The Purple Rose of Caïro, 38:29-38:32
180 cm x 30 cm

“Now imagine a movie screen, opening before you.”
Quote taken from: Mar Adentro, 00:30-00:34
180 cm x 20 cm